About us

Connecting Cultures through Food!

Since 1999, Sabrini Foods (FKA Sabi Foods), is one of the key promoter of Indian Food culture in Australia. We bring in every ingredient that is necessary to cook a delicious Indian dish, through our customers ranging from a restaurant to retailer or a wholesaler, to every part in Australia and New Zealand. Sourcing products demanded by current market trends, maintaining the highest quality standards without losing the authenticity is our key success. We take pride in what we do and maintain the respect of our valued customers.

What we do

We supply finest range of  food products, starting from Spices, Beans & Lentils, Basmati Rice, Oil etc to prepared food such as Ready to Curries, Chutneys & Pastes & Frozen Snacks etc. Quality Assurance is very important to us, hence we have the highest ISO standard Certification of ISO 22000.

Our Services include:

  • Distributing to Supermarkets, Ethnic Retail, Wholesalers, Food Service & Restaurants
  • Marketing & Distributing various Brands from Overseas into Australian Markets
  • With network of Offices and Warehouses across Australia, we are able to manage our supply chain complexities across Australia
  • Actively involved in creating NPD (New Product Development)

Our Key Operational Areas:

  • Food Safety and Quality – we are ISO 22000 & HACCP Certified
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System) to manage LOT/BATCH Codes & Expiry of each SKU entering the warehouse till it reached each Customer
  • We are DAWR (Quarantine) 2.1 Approved in all our Warehouses

Our Vision

To become a market leader of Indian Food Products & Brands known to all Australians.

Our Mission Statement

From the heart of India, we bring Australia the spices of life through the power of our people, culture and brands.

Our Promise

Sabrini Foods promises to deliver quality products with quality packaging at a competitive price and maintain a consistent supply. The team at Sabrini Foods guarantee effective communication, making our customer a priority and ensuring a reliable supply chain. With extensive experience and good manufacturing practice, we are able to deliver our promise.

Latest News

Prime Minister visits Sabrini Foods

We were very pleased to have the Australian Prime Minister visit our Head office at Carrum Downs, trying our Sabrini range of snacks, including the tasting of our new protein range of products which are made in Australia.

Farm to Fork – Channel 10

The Spice Queens... Master Chef Sarah Todd and Sabi unite for scratch cooking indian flavour on Channel 10's ‘Farm to Fork’ – Season 2. Find out more at www.farmtofork.com.au Click the images below to read recent articles in The Indian Weekly and G’Day India.

Recognition Award at Indus Food 2020

Sabrini Foods are pleased to announce that our Managing Director, Mr Raja was given the Recognition Award at Indus Food 2020 held at Delhi.

Standing apart even in times of intense competition

Sabi Foods is proud to have received the IEC Award for Medium Business of the year 2012 in Australia. Pattu (Sabi Foods) has become a household name for every Indian in Melbourne. Sabi Foods deal with any products that are required for an Indian cooking. Sabi Foods...